Senior Data Developer Systems Analyst

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Senior Data Developer Systems Analyst

Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Employment Type Full Time
Seniority Level Senior
Experience 5 to 9 years
Remuneration Type Cost to company
Remuneration Frequency Monthly
Benefits -
27/08/2020 Reference Number: ADA2213371593


  • Data
  • Database
  • Big Data
  • Analysis
  • Data Analysis

Job Description

We are looking for a Data Developer, a.k.a. Data Analyst, Data Wrangler, Data Engineer, Data Scientist.


The requirement is to provide consistent, timely, good quality and actionable data. To achieve this in the current and future landscape is a growing task that will need a wide and deep set of skills.


Data has become a very valuable asset to organizations and the data engineer must have a clear understanding of the data life cycle as well as the cessation thereof.


Therefore, the data developer when developing and delivering a data project should perform it based on the activities within the system development life cycle (SDLC).


The Data Developer/Engineer also makes up a vital responsibility within the Data operations management. This is the development, maintenance, and support of ingesting, warehousing and visualising data to maximize the value of the data resources to the enterprise.

Primary Responsibilities for the Role

  • Research and recommend innovative approaches to improving efficiency.
  • Project Planning, including scope definition and business case justification.
  • Requirements Analysis.
  • Solution Design.
  • Detailed Design.
  • Component Building.
  • Testing, including unit, integration, system, performance, and acceptance testing.
  • Deployment Preparation, including documentation development and training.
  • Installation and Deployment, including piloting and rollout.
  • Protect and ensure the integrity of structured data assets.
  • Manage the availability of data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Optimize performance of transactions.


The developer will generally be assigned to multiple roles, depending on the experience and requirement of the specific project.


Minimum Qualification and Experience Requirements

Must have

  • Oracle knowledge
  • Relational Databases
  • Massively Parallel Processing Databases (MPP)
  • Proficient in SQL and PL/SQL
  • Experience and skills to visualizing data in an informative way
  • Analysing data to provide valuable insight to the customer
  • Writing documentation and be able to get interact with the customer to understand their requirements.
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently.


  • Telecommunications technologies and systems(OCS, BSS, SS7, SIGTRAN, MTP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, CAP, etc).

Nice to have

  • A tertiary BIS, Engineering or Computer Science degree.
  • Big Data / Analytics / Monitoring experience using Tableau, Qlickview, Penthaho, Mricrostrategy, PowerBI.
  • Experience developing Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms using R, Python
  • Spark, Hadoop, Go Lang, Type Script
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse applications
  • Revenue Assurance and/or Fraud Detection & Management
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